Introduction to Public Health Virtual Simulation

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In this interactive online module, students will learn about introductory concepts in public health. Click on Enroll. You will go to a Login Screen ….at bottom click on create an account now. Create an account. Click on Training Module at the top of the page. Select Orientation to Public Health. Click on Enroll. Read the information and click on Begin Orientation to Public Health. Click on Please check your inbox – A.T. to begin. Complete the training, take a screenshot of the certificate, or scan the certificate and upload it to the course drop box. The online module takes about 45-60 minutes to complete. At the end, students will obtain a screenshot of the Summary screen and upload the screenshot to the assignment drop box for grade credit. In addition, students will write a paragraph in APA format and include one evidence-based journal reference (within the last 5-7 years supporting the definition and synthesis of public health nursing practice. You must submit the word document paragraph summary to the respective assignment dropbox.