Make an introduction writing about my goals from the previous class, which were Increase my skills in pharmacology by the end of the semester, Reduce the time when answering the exam questions, at the end of the semester, be able to answer each one in 10 seconds, Know how to apply and have knowledge of the most relevant laws by the end of this semester.

And for example, say that if I consider that I achieved my goal, blah blah blah but that I still have to focus on other goals to be able to finish this new class and also be prepared to acquire my certification blah blah blah and add 3 new goals and how am I going to do them perform during the semester. make a conclusion where you can refer to specific resources that are used as Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner book by the ANA…

please be as authentic as possible, the paper follows correct APA format for parenthetical, valid references (more than 3)

· Reflect on the study plan you created in NRNP 6665. Did you accomplish your SMART goals? What areas of focus still present opportunities for growth?


· Revise your study plan summarizing your current strengths and opportunities for improvement.
(consider the previous work you did on Summary of strengths and Opportunities for growth so that everything aligns as similar because it is the same teacher in both classes, it is not that in one work it says that I am good at something and in the other it is say i need to grow)

· Develop 3–4 
new SMART goals for this quarter and the tasks you need to complete to accomplish each goal. Include a timetable for accomplishing them and a description of how you will measure your progress.

· Describe resources you would use to accomplish your goals and tasks, such as ways to participate in a study group or review course, mnemonics and other mental strategies, and print or online resources you could use to study.