sociology project final

The purpose of this essay is to apply C. W. Mills’s Sociological Imagination
concept to explain a personal situation. The essay will demonstrate the
student’s ability to use sociological concepts & theories learned in the
course, to describe a personal situation. The topic is left to the student’s

The Essay paper should have the following 5 content areas:

1. Introduction: In this first content area, write a paragraph introducing C.
W. Mills’s concept of sociological imagination, and give a general overview
of how you will be applying it to the personal situation that you will discuss
in your paper.

2. Personal Explanation: In this second content area, describe your
personal situation/topic. Based on whether the situation is a current one or
a past one, describe how you dealt or are dealing with it. You can also pick
a situation from a person’s life who is closely related to you or whose
experience affected you. You should know the person well enough to write
the essay.

Describe what caused the problem, who were involved, what were others’
and your roles in the situation, and if a resolution was reached. This section
is all about your account of your situation and should be no longer than four
paragraphs (3/4 – 1 page).

3. Sociological Imagination: In this third content area, analyze your
personal situation by applying sociological imagination, i.e., examine how
society and social forces affected your situation. This section should be the
most substantial portion of your essay. You should use terms and concepts
from at least 3 different chapters from the textbook, and one sociological

4. Data/Stats: Utilize at least 2 statistics or research studies from the
textbook or outside sources such as the Galen College online library. The
references should be scholarly and should be relevant to your situation
(E.g., Inclusion of divorce rates in the US if the topic is on Divorce;
inclusion of poverty rates, crime and victimization rates, or suicide rates if
the topic is either on Poverty or Crime). Citing at least one outside
source is required.

5. Conclusion: Write a wrap-up conclusion summarizing the major finding/
themes in your paper. This should be no more than a paragraph.


Your essay should be 4-6 pages in length (excluding the title page and the
references page) and should be double-spaced. You will lose points if your
essay is shorter than 4 full pages of content. The font should be 12-point
Calibri or Times New Roman. Use APA format for your entire essay,
including for references and in-text citations and edit your work carefully for
spelling and grammar.

Your essay should be 4-6 pages in length (excluding the title page and the
references page). It should be double-spaced on standard-sized paper
(8.5” x 11”) with a 1” margin on all sides. The font should be 12-point Times
New Roman or Calibri. Use APA formatting throughout your essay and cite
any sources you use.