Practicum Project Part two

Practicum Part 2 – Health Care Disparities

(This is a continuation of part 1 with the homeless population in FL)

In this assignment, you will

1. Use your assessment data from week 3 to identify significant health disparities in your at-risk group.

2. Research and propose recommendations to decrease one of these disparities.

3. Write a 2-page (500 word) paper in the form of a proposal to area leaders to address the disparity in your community. Your proposal should include:

· A description of the disparity.

· The influences the disparity has on healthcare delivery.

· The influences the disparity has on similar populations in other countries and the provision of global healthcare.

· Recommendations to address the problem.

· Any graphs or charts in your document that are needed to support your proposal.

Cite any sources in APA format with the url link