Health Promotion week1

Health promotion 1week discussion:

Week 1 Discussion (USLO 1.1)

As we begin to explore the concept of health promotion, please respond to the following:

· Define health promotion in your own words.

· Discuss the differences in primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention.

· Identify two patient-focused topics of interest from the Healthy People 2030 website that interest you.

· For each topic, identify an objective from the Healthy People 2030 website on which you would like to focus.

· Why are these topics of interest to you? Provide a rationale for your selections.

Additional Instructions

Please note that you need to support your post with a scholarly source that is referenced using APA format and include in-text citations where you are using the referenced material in your post.  You are expected to respond to the discussion prompt with your initial post by the 3rd day of the unit week.  After submitting your initial post, respond to at least two other student posts.  Your responses should be thoughtful, respectful, and substantially add value to the discussion.  You should respond to your peers throughout the unit week, but all responses need to be submitted no later than the last day of the unit week.