Due today 09/28/23 2000 EST

Respond by making recommendations for how they might strengthen the leadership behaviors profiled in their StrengthsFinder assessment, or by commenting on lessons to be learned from the results that can be applied to personal leadership philosophies and behaviors.

2 scholarly references

The strength finder assessment I took is an eye opener to my strengths and weaknesses. It also showed me where to exert some effort and how to do it. The findings followed this order.

1. Achieving Person: Achiever means someone who is always looking to do better. This theme helps me understand what my drive is. I am always looking to get things done better and more manageable. 

2. Consistency: I care about balance. It is essential to treat everyone the same, no matter their situation, not wanting the scales to tip too far in favor of one person because that sends wrong signals to the team.  

 3. Gathering Information: I think critically and make out opinions of things and people. I might be trying to solve a problem, develop an idea, or understand how someone else feels. 

 4. Harmony/ Teamwork: I want people to have a common ground for achieving goals. There is little to gain from disagreement and chaos. When I know that the people around me have different ideas, finding common ground always breaks the ice and ensures we achieve common goals.

5. Relator/Relationship: The Relator theme makes me want to be with people I already know. Meeting new people might be challenging, but it is worth trying to achieve a common goal.

      The two central values that I would strengthen are optimism and creativity. There are times when I need more confidence concerning some situations. As for creativity, I do have various concepts that I can implement. Nurses are known for their emotional intelligence and critical thinking, which might affect their effectiveness. These attributes may affect clinical decision-making, reasoning, evidence-based practice, and practice-based knowledge in nursing. (Kaya et al. 2018) 

     The two strengths that I would make sturdier is self-confidence because, many times, self-doubt places a trick on me, especially when I am not sure about an issue. I will also work on building relationships because making new associates has advantages. 

       Two qualities must be improved upon: patience with my associates when handling issues. And delegating. Being a perfectionist makes me want to do everything myself to get the desired outcome. I need to harmonize these findings to achieve the best out of my strengths and weaknesses. 


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