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Respond by sharing ideas for how shortcomings discovered in their evaluations and/or their examples of incivility could have been managed more effectively. 

using APA, at least 2 scholarly references 



I recently conducted a Work Environment Assessment to evaluate workplace civility in the acute psychiatric inpatient unit. The results of the assessment painted a mixed picture. On the positive side, most staff members consistently exhibited professionalism and respect in their interactions with colleagues and patients. Team collaboration during shift handoffs and interdisciplinary meetings was generally effective and respectful.

.However, the assessment also revealed challenges. There were instances of incivility during high-stress situations, such as patient crises or when dealing with challenging patients. Communication breakdowns occurred when staff members were overwhelmed, leading to frustration and occasional conflicts. Some employees expressed concerns about a lack of adequate resources, contributing to heightened tensions ((Abt et al.,2021)

.Overall, the workplace in the psychiatric inpatient unit could be characterized as moderately civil. While there were numerous examples of professionalism and respect, the high-stress nature of the environment occasionally led to lapses in civility. In my personal experience, I encountered incivility during a team debriefing following a challenging patient case. The charge nurse became frustrated with a staff member she believed had not followed protocol during the crisis, leading to a heated argument in front of the team.

This situation needed urgent action to stop any further deterioration. The parties could speak freely and with less hostility because of this one-to-one discussion. The clinical supervisor subsequently mediated the process, delving into the underlying issues to devise an alternative means of communication between the two parties. The latter included conflict resolution/communication training that was introduced in advance. An acute psychiatric inpatient unit is a high-stress healthcare setting where it is essential to deal with incivility simultaneously to maintain a therapeutic and civil working environment (Mabona et al.,2022).


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