persuasive project


In small groups, students will develop a visual communication project—an infographic—in which they use an image(s) to create a message that meaningfully informs or persuades an audience. The infographic should be like a poster you might see on the wall in a doctor’s office, containing a variety of types of information on a topic.  The topic does not need to be restricted to healthcare.  Be sure to follow APA throughout, treat all copyrighted images as research sources, and cite appropriately. Be sure to address all rubric criteria.

Required Format and Process

This assignment has two parts: 1) in groups, students will create an infographic (an image or a collection of images combined with text for the purpose of making a statement, illustrating a concept, or describing a process); students should decide early if they are aiming to inform or persuade, and research must inform the project; 2) the group will incorporate appropriate language to support the message to complete their infographic.

Example: To complete this assignment, each group  will: 1) choose a focus and goal (to either inform or persuade); 2) decide on the approach (illustrate process or make an impact); 3) select or create appropriate image(s); 4) conduct relevant research; 5) incorporate appropriate text to support the overall message in a well-designed infographic. Note: any online image must be cited just as text would (groups are free to create their own images for the infographic by using their own creative means, such as photography, drawing, etc.).

Assignment Support

Be sure to check out the Visual Communication Assignment Support documentOpen this document with ReadSpeaker docReaderLinks to an external site., as it provides samples and tips for creating infographics for you to consider.

(USLO 8.2)