My Plan Reflection


There are so many potential careers in healthcare, choosing one that will make you happy means finding one that fits your personality as well as your goals. The earlier you plan for the career you want the more successful you will be in pursuing it. There are many things to consider when thinking about a career, of course, there are the skills and education you need to have, which we will discuss in depth in this course, but there are other questions to consider as well. What do you want to do every day? Would you like to sit at a desk, work with people one-on-one or would you rather work with groups? Do you like teaching? For example, where do you want to work, a hospital, office, or community center?  What kind of people do you want to work with, children, adults, or the elderly? Is there a specific segment of the population you enjoy working with such as veterans, special needs children, or handicapped? Do you want to travel or would you rather have a job that keeps you in one setting all day or in a residential facility?   In this chapter, you should think about the aspects of your career that you want to shape your life and how you work.  You will begin by analyzing your personality so you can narrow down career choices based on compatibility with your personality.  By the end of this chapter, we hope you have a checklist of important things to make choosing a career easier for you.

Briefly, in one paragraph (no more), describe your feelings about your My Plan results. Specifically: How did you feel about the results? Were you surprised by any aspect of the results? Were some aspects what you expected? BE SPECIFIC about your feelings. Thinking back to the last module, when you submitted your initial thoughts on your chosen career, how well do the results align with your current career intentions? As a result of the career assessments, are you considering any changes to your career plans?

The results of the My Plan Personality assessment are ESFJ.

Emotional Focus:???? Extroverted (E)

Information Gathering:???? Sensor (S)

Decision Making:???? Feeler (F)

Structural Orientation:???? Judgers (J)

The top two career results of the MY Plan career interest inventory assessment are Conventional and Social.