chapt 6

1. Read the 

Article – Essentials of Advocacy in Case Management

 Download Article – Essentials of Advocacy in Case Management
, and then, answer the following questions:

a. Case Managers have four duties as described in the article. What are they?

b. What dilemma are Case Managers presented with everyday they practice?

c. What is the relationship between advocacy and provider-driven ?

d. Give four examples of case manager advocacy that are mentioned in the article.

e. Name four Four Basic Perspectives on Advocacy in Case Management Practice.

f. Case management advocacy consists of seven areas of focus. What are they?

2. Your paper should be:

3. One (1) page

. Typed according to 

APA Writing StyleLinks to an external site.
 for margins, formatting and spacing standards.

. Typed your paper in a Microsoft Word document, save the file, and then upload the file.