week5 Proposed Intervention


What are the decisions you made in designing your proposed intervention? Include any ethical considerations or issues you felt were relevant, the setting in which the intervention will occur, the interventions that were selected and why, and how you plan to implement the intervention.

Cite any sources in APA format.


Step 5: Develop a Plan for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Intervention
Objective: To develop a method to determine if your Intervention achieved your goals.
For each goal, create an evaluation plan including:
 Change Team member responsible for data collection, analysis, and presentation
 A measure and target ranges for the measure.
 Study design (usually pre- and post-intervention study)
 Sample (study group) or data source with comparison group
 Methods for data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation.
 Timelines for baseline and for post-intervention data collection and analysis
 Resources required
Step 6: Develop an Implementation Plan
Objective: Part A: To develop a plan for training or educating your staff/patients to successfully
implement your intervention.
Part B: To develop a plan for putting your intervention into place.
Part A: Develop a Plan for Staff and/or Patient Training
 Identify your Instructors, trainee audience(s) and their specific training requirements.
Determine who needs to be trained on what knowledge/skills and by when in order to achieve
your aims.
Part B: Develop an Implementation Plan for the Intervention
 Ensure you have collected all baseline data before implementing the intervention.
 Identify the person(s) responsible for implementation.
 Determine how you will implement your intervention in order to achieve your aims.
 Identify who will use what team strategies and tools, when and where.
 Create an implementation timeline.