Reflection on The Evidence-Nursing Practice Connection

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One barrier that keeps nurses from engaging in evidence-based-practice is a lack of knowledge and understanding in the practice. Most of the time nurses work a unit and become familiar with that unit and most unit are broken up based on body system affected. Working in mental health I would be nervous getting pulled to another unit because it is not what I am used to. Yes, while in nursing school we learn all the systems but once you find what you like, you try to stick with that field. One strategy you could use to facilitate the use of evidence-based practice is to encourage to use of a mentor program especially for new nursing graduates.  Mentoring or just having a supportive environment makes learning and using evidence much easier.

During the beginning of this course, I didn’t really think about evidence-based practice, it was just something we as nurses used. I learned the importance of evidence-based research and how it improves nursing practices.  Learning how to correctly present an issue and suggested steps to improve this issue and how it would affect patients and staff. That was the most helpful I even presented an issue to my supervisor, and it was forwarded to the director, So now I just need to complete the presentation to the Leadership committee next week. Hopefully it goes well. But still nervous!

( Jennifer)


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