Nursing 3b assignment

SCENARIO – You are preparing a seminar for your unit staff on effective communication. Your department supervisor has expressed interest in the seminar and wishes to review your material. You have decided you will present the Emotional Intelligence model. The EI (Emotional Intelligence) model has been promoted as a tool that is especially useful in toxic environments.

You develop a role-playing exercise to accompany the presentation. Once you have completed your rough draft, you share your work with the department supervisor. The department supervisor states, “I like your idea behind the seminar, but why are you presenting the EI model? Is your department that disruptive and chaotic? You feel that the nursing supervisor is criticizing your presentation, and you are set back by this line of questioning.


1. Read the scenario above, and then answer the following questions:

a. How should you respond to this statement?

b. Do you feel that the EI model could be useful in this situation? Why or why not? 

c. Do you feel the use of EI would assist in the resolution of this exchange? 

d. Do you personally relate to the aspects of EI, and do you think that it complements your personality?

2. Your paper should be:

. One (1) page

. Typed according to 

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 for margins, formatting and spacing standards.