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Lauren Hahn

Lauren Hahn

Yesterday Sep 4 at 1:08pm

Technology is an ever-changing and advancing phenomenon that can be tricky to navigate. “Society has moved from a world dominated by paper and face-to-face interactions, to an online presence and way of communicating that is in a constant state of evolution” (Knox, 2019, p. 1). Whether the nurse be young or older, I believe that navigating technology can come with growing pains for everyone. Technology is constantly updating and progressing into programs that aid in essential parts of nursing informatics. “Informatics knowledge and skills provide the tools to understand and use technology to work more efficiently and effectively, and to work smarter, not harder” (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2020). The nurse must be able to use technology effectively in order to provide safe and efficient patient care. Clicking around the EHR can be overwhelming to some, as there are a lot of different ends and outs of different health care programs. It is essential for the nurse to not only be able to chart on their patient, but to be able to obtain proper data and information on their patients in order to perform interventions appropriately. Nursing informatics involves the DIKW theory– which is collecting and applying data, information, knowledge, and wisdom through technology. Through nursing informatics, I believe I am going to be learning a lot about how to connect the dots through patient care in a way that benefits communication in nursing and patient safety using technology. For seasoned nurses this may be less intimidating, but I feel that there is always going to be room to grow and learn when it comes to informatics no matter the skill set. Although I feel confident in using technology I scored myself a 32 overall. I believe that I could use further education on a few categories as I scored myself “good”, but was reassured to see myself as “very good” in others. I am excited to be improving on things like recognizing the role of information technology in improving patient care outcomes and creating a safe care environment throughout this course. I don't believe that I have any additional questions at this time as I feel that the lessons and readings have provided me with great context of what this course has to offer so far. I will utilize my teacher, and the Q&A forum if I do end up having any questions. 



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