nurse case study

PART ONE: Compare and contrast: migraine headaches, tension headaches, and meningitis. 

-risk factors, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations

PART TWO:  Present a hypothetical case about meningitis that includes the following:

1. Vital information about a person who might be predisposed to this condition (I.e., a person who
may have risk factors for this condition).
2. The pathophysiology of the disease, including clinical manifestations.
3. Which diagnostic tests you’d recommend and a rationale for the one(s) you choose.
4. How this condition compares to other differentials.
5. The evidence-based recommendations from the AHRQ Guidelines or guidelines recommended
from a professional organization. Based on these recommendations, discuss how to manage the
condition best.
6. A patient safety issue that could be associated with the condition presented in this case.

PART THREE: Answer these reflection questions:

  1. What information would a master’s prepared nurse gather from a patient with this condition?
  2. How could the master’s prepared nurse use this information to design a patient education session for someone with this condition?

Please note: 3-4 pages long, must use medical and masters level terminology. must be APA 7 format.