Module 4-Discussion

Before taking on an assignment you will look over the content and only use the references and resources provided in the attachments. No plagiarism and original work to be done. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ALLOWED!!

Discussion: Health Care For All Is A Nice Idea – But How Would We Pay For It?

Extending health care services to all persons is a popular topic of discussion, but the overall cost of paying the bill for the services is what seems to stop it from becoming a reality. Take some time to research the facts regarding what it would cost to extend basic medical services to all persons in the United States, and some of the proposed ideas of how it would/could be paid for. What are the likely effects for all stakeholders involved? Do you believe it is fair to expect “the haves” to pay additional personal and/or corporate taxes to provide medical services for the “have nots”? Should workers have to give up their current employer-sponsored private-pay insurance to move to one single-payer system, or should there be a choice, and why? Use peer-reviewed sources (not opinions) to respond to these questions in approximately 200 words.

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