dicussion post sociology


Respond to two (2) of the following prompts:

  1. How is masculinity described by the authors of our text? Using specific examples, discuss why patriarchal masculinity is not the only form of masculinity. (USLO 5.1, 5.3)
  2. How is sexism explained by the authors of our text? Using specific examples, discuss how society propagates misogyny and objectification of women. (USLO 5.3)
  3. Using one of the three theoretical primary sociological perspectives featured in our text (i.e., functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interactionism) discuss the social construction of gender. Present two tangible examples of how this theory best explains how gender is socially constructed. (USLO 5.4)
  4. Where and how do you get your news? Do you watch network television? Read the newspaper? Go online? How about your parents or grandparents? Do you think it matters where you seek out information? Why, or why not? (USLO 5.5)
  5. How have digital media changed social interactions? Do you believe it has deepened or weakened human connections? Defend your answer. (USLO 5.6)
  6. Do you think technology has truly leveled the world in terms of opportunity? What is your community’s situation in terms of digital inclusion – do you feel there are communities in your region that are struggling to achieve digital inclusion and equity? What are some techniques that we may use to achieve digital equity and inclusion in the U.S.? (USLO 5.7)
  7. In what ways has the Internet and digital apps changed your perception of reality? Explain using a symbolic interactionist, functionalist, and conflict theory perspective. (USLO 5.8)