sociology discussion 4


Respond to two (2) of the following prompts:

  1. How has U.S. society’s understanding of race and ethnicity evolved over time? Why do the cultural explanations for race and ethnicity exceed the biological ones? What impact does constantly evolving terminology related to race and ethnicity have on racial and ethnic relations in the U.S.? (USLO 4.1)
  2. Explore and identify your community’s racial and ethnic demographics. What are some of the racial and ethnic conversations taking place in your community? How would you rate intergroup interactions among members of your community on a scale of tolerant to intolerant? Consider if notions like pluralism, amalgamation, expulsion, and genocide apply to your community. (USLO 4.2, 4.3)
  3. Compare and contrast the strengths and limitations of the theoretical perspectives on race and ethnicity. Is it beneficial to have several theoretical viewpoints on race and ethnicity, or should we focus on developing a single theory to study racism and ethnic oppression? Which theory do you find most compelling and likely to promote social justice? (USLO 4.4)