evidence based

NUR640 Week 1 Assignment 1.2 Page 1


Assignment Title: Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome (PICO)

Step 1 for your Evidence-Based Practice Mini-Project (Research Proposal)

Assignment Overview:

For your Evidence-Based Practice Mini-Project Step 1, you will submit your PICO question, identify 5 research articles from Levels of Evidence I-V, and write the following for your Mini-Research Proposal: Your introduction, Problem Statement, Purpose Statement, Significance of your Mini-Research Proposal, your Research Question, and which theory supports your Mini-Research Proposal.


The final copy of your Step1 Mini-Research Proposal assignment is due on or before Sunday at 11:59pm just before Week 2 begins, at the latest. Be sure to use the file naming protocol: NUR640_EBP Step 1_last name_mmddyyyy.

Assignment Details:

For this assignment, you will write part of Section 1 of your Mini-Research Proposal. Use the discernment gained from your Week 1 Discussion of identifying a problem or area of interest and writing a PICO question as a basis for beginning your Section 1. Review Chapter 2 (Manuscript Structure and Content) and Chapter 3 (Writing Clearly and Concisely) from the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.).

Note, you will submit a 2-3 page paper plus your Title Page and Reference Page that clearly identifies the following areas:

1) PICO Question;

2) 5 Research articles with Levels of Evidence of I-IV;

3) Your introduction, problem statement, purpose statement, and significance of your Mini-Research Proposal, along with the theory undergirding your PICO and Problem statement.

PICO Question: Describe the Problem/Population (P); Your Intervention (I); your Comparison (C), and Outcomes (O).

Research Articles (5) between I-IV Levels of Evidence with APA reference citation. Identify the level of evidence of each article after the reference citation that goes at the end of this Assignment submission.

Introduction, Problem Statement, Purpose Statement, and Significance of your Mini-Research Proposal. Your
problem statement provides an overview of your Mini-Research Proposal topic and a clear statement of the need for this Mini-Research Proposal topic. The 5 articles that you have selected should provide rationale for the need for this Mini-Research Proposal. Your
purpose statement justifies the need for your Mini-Research Proposal and is supported in the literature. The
significance of your Mini-Research Proposal is clearly stated and supported by the literature. The
research question is clearly presented. Your selected
theory may be based on pathophysiology, a nurse theory, or from any health-related discipline.

Note: Your Step 1 of the Mini-Research Proposal should have an introduction and summary of what you have written.

Grading: Each part of your Mini-Research Proposal has a grading rubric. All submissions should have a title page and reference page. Each Section of the Mini-Research Proposal will then be added together the Week 5 assignment, which will be graded again with a new rubric that includes your best revision based on detailed weekly instructor feedback. Points will be lost if suggestions are not incorporated into the final Week 5 Submission of your Mini-Research Proposal. (See Week 5 Assignment rubric).