Annotated Bibliography (Healthcare) 250 WORDS

DUE 9/25   12 PM EST

250 words not including title and reference  APA

TOPIC: Health Equity 


The literature review is key to any research study or article development. It is important to review the literature within your own discipline, but also other disciplines which may confront similar issues or have related concerns. For example, practice issues in other health related fields often correspond to those confronted in nursing. Nursing education concerns may also be found in academic research within other disciplines outside of the health care field.

  • What is the purpose of conducting an organized literature review?
  • How will you approach this aspect of your research?
  • What literature other than nursing literature do you feel may offer useful information?
  • How might you incorporate these ideas into your proposal?
  • Provide an example of a piece of literature that supports your topic and provide a brief summary of the article.

Responses need to address all components of the question, demonstrate critical thinking and analysis, and include peer reviewed journal evidence to support the student’s position.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

 All posts should be supported by a minimum of one scholarly resource, ideally within the last 5 years. Journals and websites must be cited appropriately. Citations and references must adhere to APA format.