Response to discussion 8


 In my Week 1 discussion post, I talked about my concerns with nursing wages and burnout becoming more prominent. Throughout the semester, I have been able to deepen my understanding of these topics. I completed my article review on nursing burnout and through my research, I found that burnout has been gradually getting worse throughout the years. The number seems to be rising more than before and the lack of bedside nurses is climbing as well. This also causes a high nurse turnover and more dissatisfaction over time. Many hospitals are now turning to residency programs to have less nurse turnover as new graduates are required to sign a residency contract if they would like to work in that setting. This allows for less turnover and longer training times at the cost of flexibility and appropriate wages. At least in my case, I was getting paid more at my previous job (SNF) than I was starting at the hospital through the residency even though my previous job offered me less than the median salary for SNF nurses. I also believe that the cost of living in South Florida has gone up exponentially over the past few years and regardless of what “middle-class” job you have, money will be very tight for young adults trying to start to live independently without government support. Overall, I hope to see a change over the next few years for those who love the nursing practice as we are responsible for a significant amount of care provided in the healthcare setting and should be respected as so.