Nursing grand rounds part 1

Hello, this assignment will continue in week 5, the participant could be a nurse that work in my unit (Med surgical), , and you can pick: (anemia, gastritis, diverticulitis) as a medical diagnosis or something else, just make sure to follow the instructions.

Assignment Overview:

The Week 3 Assignment is part of a scaffolded assignment and serves as the basis for creation of the Week 5 Assignment.  

For the Week 3 Assignment: Nursing Grand Rounds Presentation Part 1: Holistic Assessment, you will meet with and assess a selected participant and complete the accompanying Holistic Assessment Form.  In Week 5, you will complete the Nursing Grand Rounds Part 2: Presentation, which is a teaching presentation.

For the Week 5 Assignment, you will use the data collected in the Week 3 Assignment to create a PowerPoint presentation designed to educate your selected participant about an identified medical condition they are experiencing. The Week 3 Assignment data will be used as a foundation for creating the patient-centered teaching presentation due in Week 5.

Assignment Directions: 

· Identify an participant known to you who has a current medical health condition. The participant must be 18 years or older and legally capable of consenting to participate in this activity. The participant 
CANNOT be a family member or a client you have cared for in your professional nursing practice. Using a client or patient who was assigned to receive care from you by an employer, agency, facility, or any organization will result in earning a score of zero (0) points for the assignment.

· Be sure the participant is diagnosed with a medical health condition that meets the assignment requirements. The participant’s medical health condition cannot be congenital (i.e., present at birth). Instead, the medical health condition must have a pathophysiology. The medical condition also must be a primary health alteration (e.g., cyclic vomiting syndrome), and not simply a sign or symptom that is a manifestation of a primary medical disorder (e.g., hyponatremia, dehydration, nausea, vomiting, etc.).

· Complete the 

Holistic Assessment Form
 for the selected participant, then upload the completed form to the Dropbox by the end of Week 3. The form should be typed. The course faculty will review and grade the form for completion and accuracy and will approve the participant/medical condition you have selected as the focus for the Week 5 Assignment. 
Be sure you have approval from course faculty before you begin working on the Week 5 Assignment: Nursing Grand Rounds Part 2: Presentation. 

· After successfully completing the Week 3 Assignment and obtaining faculty approval of the selected participant/medical condition, follow the instructions for completing the Week 5 Assignment: Nursing Grand Rounds Part 2: Presentation.