Nurse Burnout and Stress

Nursing is a job that is physically and mentally taxing. It requires focus and attention. (It is also extremely rewarding!) As with all thing there are extremes that need balance. 

The NCSBN conducted research to identify the personal and professional characteristics of nurses experiencing heightened workplace burnout and stress. 

Step one:  Read the article attached below

Step two:  Formulate a professional, well thought out post answering the following questions:

Describe something that came from the research. 

As a profession, what can we do going forward to make positive changes in nursing? (This must be supported by a research article)

What effective health practices do you plan to do for yourself, as you begin your nursing career to reduce stress and hopefully prevent burnout? 

How might this affect patient care and ultimately outcomes? (there is a large amount of data on this) 

This can be written in paragraph or bullet point format as long as each item is addressed in complete sentences and proper grammar. 

References must be dated within the last five years. They must be cited properly in the body of the work and listed at the end in APA formatting.