Wk 5, HCS/341: DR 2

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Minnie Booker

5:40 AM

Some strategies you can use, as a health care manager, to overcome human resources challenges are ensuring compliance with laws and regulations are kept, leadership development training, and recruiting talented employees.

Employment laws change regularly. Human Resources Managers are responsible for keeping up with these changes. A Health Care manager must be confident that the Human Resources team is doing their job in order to successfully avoid lawsuits, and pass audits. Regular training can assist with this. There should be scheduled training times so that new information can be pushed out to those who need it. Leadership development training is another strategy that can be utilized in order to overcome challenges. When the leadership team in an organization is strong and knowledgeable, it will show in the rest of the organization. The same goes if there are inept leaders in an organization. Last but not least, hiring talented, reliable and goal oriented employees is very important to an organization. As much influence as a leadership team has on the employees, the employees have on one another. If an employee is not reliable it offsets the team work in the organization. The employee should also be goal oriented so that the underlying mission of the organization is being achieved. 

A future challenge I believe I will have to overcome as a healthcare manager is lack of nurses. Nurses are already in such high demand. Many individuals want to become a nurse but the fail rate of nursing school is very high. So many health care facilities are unstaffed with nurses as it is. More and more healthcare facility are opening but are lacking the staffing or nursing they need. In turn, nurses are being over worked and are getting burned out in their profession.


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