Literature Review


Literature Review

Theories are important because they guide our human service practice. Theories enable us to see things from new angles and different perspectives. They help us to understand our social environment and explain behavior. Theories provide us a framework or lens through which we can view social problems.

For this assignment, you will select 2–3 human service theories that relate to your case study created in Unit 3. The theories selected should help to explain the scenario created in the case study. The paper should provide an analysis of the selected theories and how they support the case study.

Refer to the APA Style and Format link in the Resources for guidance on formatting all assignments in this course.


  • Font: 12-point Times or Times New Roman, double-spaced.
  • Writing: Writing should be clear, organized, and free of errors; it should also follow professional standards.
  • Research: Use at least four academic sources; at least two of those sources should not be course materials.
  • Length: Your paper should be 3–4 pages, not including the cover page or reference page.
  • Format: Follow current APA style and formatting guidelines.

Make sure to review the scoring guide for this assignment to familiarize yourself with the criteria on which you will be assessed.