Challenges faced by small companies to create an efficient job classification system in which they can compete with other larger companies to attract, recruit, and retain highly talented employees.

Write 7-page single space using the executive summary below, and  reference the attached materials. You may have attachments in the  addendum (create a salary grid from a reputable job, or a job  classification family table. You may use APA or MLA format for citation.  TURNITIN IS USED FOR PLAGIARISM. 


Identify the Problem and Stakeholders

Job classification is the process of placing one or more jobs into a cluster or family of similar jobs. The jobs family is based on lines of authority, duties, and responsibilities of the work or behavioral requirements of the job. Job classification can be important for setting pay rates and selecting employees. Small companies are facing challenges more than ever before. Small companies used to serve local community in the past and that was kind of sufficient for those companies to survive. Nowadays, massive companies are dominating the market and extending to even small neighborhoods that used to be served by small companies. There is then a challenge for those small companies to recruit highly talented employees and create a job classification system in which they can compete with other larger companies. HR professional play a crucial role in creating the job classification systems that those small companies need. Position classification is the foundation document used to assign a position’s title, job duties, compensations, and grade level. Since small companies do not have a wide range of job that can be classified under the same jobs family, they face challenge as each job maybe considered a unique job. 

The impact of this touches employers and employees together as they each need to have a well-defined list of duties and responsibilities. The job classification sets the expectation for both parties and allows for a smooth task to be carried in workplace. 

The paper will finally discuss in details those challenges and how small companies can classify their jobs in order to compete with larger companies who have a more designed system for job classification. 

Research Methodology

For the purpose of this research, two methods, questionnaire and interview will be the first methods to use. Market research about small companies challenge to create job classifications comes third as well as journals from human resource subject will compliment the information needed for the entire research. 

Different Alternatives

Job analysis will be conducted in order to determine what can classified as family job and hence have the chance to create a classification system for those jobs. Also, standardizing the classification based on the job requirements and automate most of the tasks will make easy to classify a job and list the requirements. The use of duties as a mode of analysis may be helpful for such functions as job evaluation and classification or creation of job families. Small companies should strive to create a classification system that simultaneously treats the essential attributes of both jobs and people. Other alternatives based on market research will be in the paper as well.

Review Alternatives

The feasibility of the alternatives will be reviewed in the paper, and each will be given a weight as to how easily it can be implemented. The information used to evaluate the alternatives will be based on researching the market and finding more about how small companies deal with job classification and how they can create a reliable system for the same. 

Final Recommendation

The final recommendation is choosing one of the alternatives as the most appropriate method or creating a job classification based on using information from all alternatives presented.