Wk 4, HCS/341: DR 1

Substantive responses to peer. Please further discussion.

175 word minimum

APA format

At least 1 reference

Agnes Jimenez

9:01 AM

Some strategies to consider when delivering performance appraisal to health care employees, would be to commit. When delivering performance appraisals, as a manager you have to be committed to give your employee, your time and to be genuine in wanting to help the employee in areas that need improvement. As well as praising the employee. It is also essential for the manager to be transparent, and straight forward. There is always room for growth with employees. As a manager, helping employees grow is one of the main objectives. Be clear about what you will talk about and have goals to get the employee to where they need to be. Continuously, check in with the employee and ask for feedback. My last employer had a high turnover rate, we had 6 new managers in a year. So when we were evaluated we were given different goals and different areas to work on. This made it extremely stressful and eventually many of my coworkers felt like they were not ever going to be better than what they were. This caused a lack of motivation, and eventually many people left.