Stakeholder Analysis

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Assess the roles of various health care stakeholders to ensure that health care programs meet the needs of the recipients and comply with regulatory and payor requirements.

Analyze the benefits of integration within the health care system

All assignments must target the content application while using two variables: the job choice and the case assigned by the faulty

Your Supervising Manager called a meeting early Monday morning to discuss the tasks you will need to accomplish in this week. They were very complimentary about the efficiency of your performance and the quality of the submitted Memo. However, further investigation is necessary to make sure all areas of the managerial situation were covered accordingly.

You are asked to conduct research and to compile the information about the HC-specific stakeholders related to this situation using the table provided (see below).  Make sure to choose the stakeholders that will be involved in your area of expertise (as per your job description).

For example,

-the Clinical coordinator may choose the CDC (Center for the Disease Control) as a stakeholder due to the mandatory reporting and follow up on the guidelines. 

-CDC affiliated stakeholder would be a local health department that reacts to the situation based on CDC provided preparatory guidance. At the same time, the local health department would be a direct stakeholder for the Clinical Coordinator because its representatives will be directly involved in guiding potential public health issues at the site.

**All information should be presented in a table format. You can use bullet points, subcategories, and other white space organizational components.

The briefing statement from week 2 and the stakeholder analysis from week 4 are the base for your week 5 group assignment- the linkage map.

Make sure to provide a minimum of four credible sources from the UMGC library, the stakeholder home website, and the information pertaining to two discussed stakeholders (one chosen direct and one affiliated to the direct stakeholder). APA format is required for the citation and references. Post the table in the Group Forum and submit in the dropbox for grading.