Due Friday by 2 pm

Please Follow Directions!!

Part 1: Select

Case Managers can work in many different areas of Human Services (health care, partner abuse, child welfare, elder care, addiction, homelessness, or career planning). (I CHOOSE CHILD ABUSE)
For this part of your portfolio, choose one area of case management that you are most interested in and focus on this area for the duration of the portfolio project.

Part 2: Research

Research sources that are related to the specific area of client service and trends in case management. These may include cultural sensitivity, interviewing, building rapport, etc.
You can use your textbook, credible websites, articles, etc. One must be a resource located through the Rasmussen Library databases.

Part 2: Reflect

For this part of your assignment, you will use your critical thinking skills and assess your chosen area of case management.

In a minimum of two-pages (not counting the title page and reference page) address the following:

  • Identify chosen area of case management.
  • Identify at least three (3) current trends in this area that a case manager may help guide a client through.
  • Explain at least three (3) specific things that you would look for if working with a client with this type of need.
  • Discuss at least three (3) types of advocacy for the client you may be tasked with facilitating.
  • Address at least three (3) strategies to build rapport with this demographic of client (age, race, ethnicity, gender).
  • Identify at least three (3) challenges you may have in working with this client population?
  • Discuss at least three (3) strengths you may have with this client population?
  • Incorporate two (2) credible resources to examine client services and trends in case management. Cite sources used.

Use professional language including complete sentences and proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout your paper. Be sure to cite any research sources in APA format