Discussion Question 1 week 1

  Brainstorm ways to engage employees in a Virtual Training Course.

1. Think about how you would plan your lesson and what activities you include in a live classroom so it’s not just lecture.  Some ideas are:

· Breakouts:  small groups work on something together for a little while and then come back to the larger class and each group gives a report.  

· Discussion board or forum activity:  you post a question and everyone has to respond

2. Then, when you have an activity, describe how we can do it in Microsoft Teams.  So for breakouts, it might look like this:

· Breakouts

o Set up multiple channels and assign students to a specific group where they complete the assignment

o Set up multiple document tabs and assign students to a specific tab to work together on the assignment

3. Make A list of everything we can do within a virtual class room

4. What are some activities will be engaging for learners?

5. Ways we can deliver engaging virtual learning

6. Finding ways to engage our staff ( be innovated )

7. Start with a list of innovated ways to make virtual training engaging’