Being SMART

Purpose of Assignment: This assignment reviews the SMART goals model and provides an opportunity for you to begin writing goals using the SMART approach.


Consider the following case scenario:

Andre is a 37-year-old male. He was recently arrested for domestic violence against her girlfriend of three years. This is his second arrest for this offense in ten years. Five years ago, Andre was arrested for DUI. Because of his history of arrests, Andre is having difficulty maintaining employment. He has been fired for coming into work under the influence of alcohol. Andre consumes approximately 4 beers at night, but on weekends can consume as many as 8 beers. Andre has been court-ordered to your human services organizations for anger management counseling and other services as deemed appropriate He reports having a short temper and states that alcohol helps him relax.

Having reviewed the above case, in a 1-2 page paper address the following:

  1. Identify the key issues/problems in this scenario.
  2. Discuss and provide a rationale for which of the identified problems you will include as part of the client’s treatment plan. (This part of the submission should be in APA format).
  3. Write three measurable goals based on the identified problems.
  4. Use clear grammar and writing mechanics.